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Rift Valley Label Design Competition

Call for Designs

Rift Valley is one of our flagship brands of Castel Winery which hasve local and international demand with 224,550 (two hundred twenty four thousand five hundred fifty) bottles sold locally and abroad oin 2017. We have no doubt that Rift Valley can have a new look that reflects both its global reach and aspirations as well as its Ethiopian origins, especially, its roots in the Ethiopian Rift Valley. We therefore want to replace the current label [Attached herewithat Bottom of this Call for Designs]with a new one that captures the theme and feel of the Rift Valley where both the winery and the vineyard are located.

We want the new label to take account of the following:
• That the winery as well as the wine farm is located in Ziway, in the Ethiopian Rift Valley — therefore we want the creative process to take this fact as an input; [competitors shouldare advisedto try to get to the Rift Valley and capture something about the place, climate, landscape they can use in their work]; shortlisted designs will be compensated with an attractive prize as stated hereunder!!
• That Castel Winery aims to win [already has a silver medallion which won on a competition held in France] a place for itself [and brands] in the global market in terms of the distinctive taste of its wines as the winning look of their labels.
• Therefore, the design should express or hint at the beauty of the country from the perspective of the Rift Valley; the message could be conveyed in a stroke or color, directly or otherwise;
• We want the label to be simple, clear and eye-catching — rather than complex and abstract;

Competitors are advised to focus on:
1) the Ethiopian roots of the wine,
2) its location in the Rift Valley and
3) its consumers in the international market — who identify the Great Rift Valley and Ethiopia, with which we want to associate the wine and redefine the label. Ideally, the label design captures and reflects the 3 (three) above stated focal points.

Who May Participate

Castel Winery is looking for anyone who can come up with the best label design to replace the current label of one of its brands, Rift Valley. It aims to benefit as much from the experiences of the veterans in the field as from the fresh eyes of the novice.
Accordingly, the following are eligible to compete:
• Experienced individual graphics designers as well as companies
• University/Collage students studying graphics design or graduates with zero experience are invited to compete — and they are expected to come up with fresh concepts and renderings
Students and fresh graduates may compete as individuals or as a group. And, for this competition, a group shall be represented by a designated group leader with whom alone Castel Winery shall deal in the course of the competition.
• Who are willing to accept the terms and conditions of this Call for Design in general and in particular the usage of the winner and finalist label designs.

Submission of Designs

• Competitors should submit a sketch of the label or a full-fledged label design printed on A5/A4 as well as in soft copy file format in PDF or JPG high quality resolution images.
• The sketch/design should be accompanied by an explanatory note [maximum of 5 (five) pages, which should not exceed____ words], where they should also write their names and addresses;
• Castel Winery may call shortlisted competitors for further inductionif and when necessary, and may propose some changes to be made to a promising design;

Screening Process:
• Castel Winery shall determine,at its sole discretion, how to screen and shortlist the label designs to be submitted to it
• Castel Winery shall set up a committee of professionals to screen all the submissions and prepare a shortlist of 5 (five) shortlisted candidates from the designs submitted to it.
• Castel Winery shall determine the winner and two runners up, based on its parameters to be set out at its absolute discretion
Three designs will be shortlisted as finalists and the winner and the two runners up shall be offered with Birr 25,000 (Twenty Five Thousand)Birr 10,000 (Ten Thousand)Birrand Birr 6,000(Six Thousand)Birr,andrespectively.
Castel WineryIt shall publish on its website the names of the competitorsfinalists and the winner, whom it shall communicate using the address indicated in their submission, and handover the prizes in a ceremony to be held after a week after declaration of the finalists and the winner.
Castel Winery shall be the sole owner toof the winner as well as the two runners up label designs. As such Castel Winery is entitled to use these label designs in a way that it thinks fit and in any medium of usage.

How to Apply

Competitors can submit designs to Castel Winery using the following: Please include a brief bio or a resume and a cover letter in English
Starting Date:November 1 2018
Closing Date: March 1 2019
For more information on Castel Winery, please visit our website: or Visit our Office at Bulgaria; Abalem Building 4th Floor during work hours.

• Patents and copyrights and other related materials will be the sole ownership of Castel Winery.After the finalization of this competition and selection of the winner; the materials submitted will be legally privileged and protected by law under Castel Winery, to which the winner and the finalists will be requested to sign contract with Castel Winery. Access by the intended recipient only is authorized. The competition is intended to constitute a binding contract unless otherwise expressly stated.
• The design shall be original work of the competitors and eachof the competitors shall be liable for infringement of the copyright of others, if any.

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