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On a sunny Monday

On a sunny Monday afternoon in 2007, the late Prime Minister of Ethiopia, his Excellency Meles Zenawi and Mr. Pierre Castel, Founder and President of the Castel Group and BGI International were having discussion on further investments in Ethiopia....


castel winery vineyard in Ziway

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That solemn disscution

The solemn discussion took a turn for a friendly chat and banter about Castel family’s numerous exploits in the wine making business and the Prime Minister's fondness for a single glass of red wine once a week. That afternoon, the idea for establishing Castel winery in Ethiopia is conceived and born in the Prime Minister's office. A...


castel winery production plant in ziway

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Following that meeting

a deal was struck to establish Castel Winery in Ethiopia. Castel Group wasted no time in sending the best experts and consultants in the business from France to select the most suitable area for a vineyard meeting the standards of Castel's world class quality.

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Acacia Medium Sweet White
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Acacia Medium Sweet Red
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Rift Valley Dry Rose
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Cuvée Prestige

The Vineyard

Castel Winery Vineyard and Production Plant

Castel Winery Ziway

The castel winery is located in the town of Ziway. Ziway; with an elivation of around 1600 meteres above sea level, with sub-humid to sub- arid climate, Sandy Loam type of soil variety, mean annual precipitation of 650 to 700 mm and its all year average temperature of 25 degree centigrade is deemed suitable for the grape varieties imported directly from France.

Winery Highlights:
  • Ziway
  • 5
  • Sandy Loam variety on volcanic rock.
  • Sub-humid to sub-arid
  • 1600M
  • 650 to 700 mm per annum
  • Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet franc, Chardonnay, Sauvignon gris, Sauvignon blanc, Chenin, Semillion.
Responsibe Player

Accepting responsibilities for the locals and their inhabitants, as well as future generations is the core value and tradition of the Castel Group.

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